July brings many summer vacations and travel gurus are predicting that more dogs will go with their owners than in previous years. If your dog knows what to expect when he hears any variation of “leash, car, suitcase, carrier, airplane, vacation and/or travel,” here are a few tips to ensure he is ready for and has a great vacation, too.

Be up-to-date on vaccinations

You will need to show proof that he has been vaccinated before flying or entering another state or country. You should also have a Certificate of Veterinary Inspection (CVI), also known as a health certificate. Most airlines, some train lines and many U.S. states require a CVI along with proof of vaccinations for traveling pets. Some hotels also require them as will any doggie daycare you use while on your travels. Always check with a state or country’s regulations regarding pet travel before you finalize your plans.

A well groomed dog is a happy dog

It’s a really good idea to travel with doggie wipes to ensure his feet are clean at all times. If you are staying with family or friends, they will certainly appreciate your attempts to keep dirt and grime out of their home. A bottle of waterless shampoo is great for quick clean-ups.


Bring a favorite toy or blanket

One way you can help your dog adapt to his new and changing surroundings is to bring along his favorite blanket or bedding.  Such familiarity will help him settle comfortably wherever you go. The same can be said for taking along his favorite treats and toys. If one of his playthings is something cuddly and plush, also consider giving it a gentle wash before the trip.


Hydration, hydration, hydration

Don’t forget to keep your dog well hydrated when traveling and going places. Always bring water along when you are out with your dog; there are several dog-hydration travel products, including collapsible bowls, water bottles and sealable/spill proof dishes.  Check out the travel bowls on our website!


Many locations and places in the U.S. and around the world put out the welcome mat for dogs. The AAA has a directory listing more than 14,000 pet friendly accommodation options. You could also check out the “Ruff Guide to the United States” by BringFido.com, which lists 365 of the best places to stay and play with your dog in all 50 states, and“The Dog Lover’s Guide to Travel: Best Destinations, Hotels, Events, and Advice to Please Your Pet-and You” from National Geographic, which covers the U.S. and Canada. Happy travels!