Whether you have just adopted a pup and you are buying a dog harness for the first time or you simply want to try a new style for your pet, functionality is an important factor in choosing the right harness for your dog.

Here is a look at the different types of harnesses you can choose from.

​Dog Walking Harnesses

If your purpose is to get your dog to obediently walk by your side, you should buy a walking or “no pull” harness.  The most popular dog walking harnesses are –

· ​Front clip harnesses

Front-clip harnesses come with the leash attachment in the center of the dog’s chest. They give you better control over where your dog goes. It is more effective in reducing pulling and a great option for training.

· Back clip or step-in harnesses

If your dog is already trained and does not pull on the leash, get a back-clip harness. In this case, the ring to clip-on the leash is located on the top of the dog’s back. It is useful for small dogs which have delicate throats and may get hurt or irritated by collars. Check out the pretty harness dresses for your dogs from Three Boys of Scottsdale pet boutique.

· Tightening harness

Tightening harnesses are designed to tighten and add pressure, if the dog pulls. If you are buying this kind of harness, ensure that it is a gentle, non-pain-inducing harness.

· Vest harnesses

The vest harness uses a D-ring for the leash, on the dog’s back. It is away from the dog’s throat and eliminates the risk of hurting your dog. This can be used for dog training. For example, the fabric vest Velcro harnesses from Three Boys of Scottsdale pet boutique online.

Dog Mobility Harnesses

If your dog is injured, arthritic or recovering from an illness, mobility harnesses can be used for extra support. This harness is like a dog lifting aid.